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       First of all, it is necessary to check whether the replaced brake pads are pure accessories (i.e. supporting products), whether the integrity of product packaging, anti-counterfeiting marks and packaging marks are consistent with the marks on the brake pads, and whether the product model is consistent with the content of the certificate of conformity. Before lifting the vehicle, the cover containing brake oil shall be opened first, and the tyre screws shall be loose diagonally. If a simple jack is used for support, the jack shall be supported and the wheels without replacing the brake pads shall be reinforced. Remove the tire, loosen the fastening screws of the tong body, check the screws and the sliding guide rod of the Tong, remove the mud and oil on them, and apply lubricating oil for maintenance. Remove the old brake pad, check the wear degree of the brake disc, and check whether it is grooved or not. In case of severe wear (unilateral depth of 3mm), the brake disc shall be replaced with a new one with a cycle of 80000km-120000km. Otherwise, the wear of the newly replaced brake disc will be accelerated, and the direction will shake when braking, and the braking force will be too small.

  The tires should be reset after the brakes are installed. When installing the tyre screws, tighten them diagonally to protect the tyre and the brake hub. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the wear of tread and edge is normal. It is better to replace the left and right wheels regularly, which will help to extend the service life of tire. Finally, the brake fluid needs to be checked. The brake fluid shall be replaced and added regularly, and the brand of the used brake fluid shall be consistent with that of the original brake fluid, which will help to remove the sludge and dirt in the brake pipeline and make the brake more sensitive. If different brands of brake fluid are mixed, chemical changes will occur, resulting in sludge and inorganic salts deposited in the brake system, which will block the pipeline and cause brake failure, with unimaginable consequences.
  It should be noted that the inside and outside of the new brake pad should be distinguished, and the friction surface of the brake pad should face the brake disc to make the disc fit properly. Install the accessories and fasten the tong body. Before tightening the tong body, use a tool (or special tool) to push the plug on the Tong back into place, so as to install the Tong in place. If it is necessary to replace the brake pads on the drum brake, it is recommended to go to a professional maintenance factory and ask professional personnel to operate, so as to avoid errors.

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