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      In the brake system of automobile, the quality of all braking effects is the decisive role of brake pads, which is also an important part directly related to the health and safety of drivers and passengers. Once damaged, accidents will occur due to brake failure.
      1. In the process of continuing to descend the steep slope, reduce the speed in advance, use the appropriate gear and adopt the operation mode of engine braking combined with the brake system, which can effectively reduce the burden of the brake system and avoid overheating of the brake system.

      2. Turn off the engine in the process of stopping downhill. Most cars now are equipped with brake vacuum booster pump. Once the engine is turned off, the brake booster pump will not only not play an auxiliary role, but also generate great resistance to the brake master cylinder, and the braking distance will be multiplied.
      3. When the moving and blocking vehicles are driving in the urban area, the fuel shall be collected in time regardless of the speed. If the oil is collected and the brake is applied when the vehicle is very close to the front, the brake pad loss will be very serious and the oil consumption will be very high. How to prevent excessive brake wear? Therefore, when the automatic car Block sees the red light or the front congestion, it needs to collect oil in advance, which not only saves fuel, saves maintenance costs, but also increases driving comfort.

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